Prices Are Based On The Details Of Our Protocols

Prices Are Based On The Details Of Our Protocols

Prices are based on the process, and the success rates not only improve but also get enhanced when the protocol is implemented to the hilt!

We may not be able to play at this game called life consistently throughout our lifespan.

Sometimes we are playing it safe.

Sometimes we are just too scared.

Sometimes we are courageous and lucky.

Sometimes we choose to remain unaware.

Sometimes we let our egos get the better of us.

And sometimes we give up.

Of all the choices available, giving up on yourself is a choice I refuse to make! That’s not how I was raised. And as a Board-certified doctor with years of experience in Geriatrics, I never recommend giving up unless and until you are ready for the transition. The exit is easy but may turn out to be a lonely path into oblivion. As someone who has studied Hinduism, I know that "Mukti" is a concept when you aim to cease to exist because you are done with what your software had to accomplish. It’s considered the highest level of merging with your inner consciousness.

But for those of us who wish to remain in this realm, we have to keep our physical forms intact and healthy. And hopefully also in a state of joy. For this to happen, you must play by the rules of physical science, chemistry, and medicine.

The problem is very aptly described by one of my favorite gurus, Sadhguru: he said we are born with a vehicle, our body, but we never get a manual about how it runs or how to run it.

I have already spent over a decade in training in this field. I know that to gain a positive result, you have to spend money, and it can be expensive. However, the best results require special machines and lasers, which you need to use to maintain your body every year, and they cost money because they are not only expensive but also not covered by your health insurance.

Your healthcare considers skin and hair rejuvenation as purely cosmetic. I disagree with this point in their assessment, but I don’t think my disagreement will change anything on a larger scale anytime soon. The people who will change healthcare haven’t been born yet & I am certainly not one of them.

I propose embracing the vanity of loving your skin and hair. And I believe that preserving our largest organ through time takes a little extra help. A tiny amount of anti-aging medication and some anti-aging machine protocols can enhance your lifespan’s quality to a level that you were otherwise not designed to experience.

Please enjoy a video from this Sunday when I give my little brother (who is also a Board-Certified family medical doctor) his first baby Brotox in an attempt to bend the illusion of time a little bit in his favor.

This brings me to the point of this email. My October fest starts with a joyful sale on Brotox; a baby bootox for your favorite Boo! If you don’t have one, please buy yourself another shot because you can never give up on finding your right fit.

With love for those of you who care to read my words,

Dr. Sofia D.