Protocols for Chemically Damaged Hair

Protocols for Chemically Damaged Hair

Your hair is simply an extension of your skin, and when we chemically burn them with bad-quality hair dye, repeatedly, it can wither away, sometimes for good. 

 I love to recommend intravenous vitamin infusions with B12, B complex, glutathione, high dose of vitamin C, methionine, inositol, choline, and biotin. These infusions help you recharge and restore the damaged hair! 

 People ask me why not take these orally?Your skin suffers from the worst trickle-down economics you can ever imagine in a system. Important minerals and nutrients just never make it to the outermost organ of your system. And your hair gets the worst leftovers available to the skin. Plus, most people don't eat the best food that their body needs. 

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 Dr. Sofia D.