Revisiting versions of Self

Revisiting versions of Self

Recently, I tried a TikTok filter that had gone viral and found it quite entertaining! It showed me the 16-year-old version of myself and compared it to me today in the same view. Meeting my 16-year-old self through this TikTok filter was a fascinating experience of recognizing my transformation and becoming and made me think about the evolution of the quantum mechanics of skincare!

 The only entanglement I  truly value is with my own earlier version of self. I am happy that several decades later I look similar to my younger self, even though I have grown in confidence, self-worth, and experience.

 So if you are constantly quantum entangled with my daily transmission: or the lucky one, reading and receiving this message or are someone who simply had the intuition to actually read till here, here’s a crucial piece of advice! After the age of 50, there is one machine I love to recommend for anti-aging of skin ; once or twice a year, especially for the parts of your face or neck that experience accelerated laxity due to chronic skin failure; When you meet me next, I will tell you exactly which one it is! 

 As always, I send you skin fairies! 

 Please feel free to contact my team via text or a call at 914-368-6609.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.