Saving Your Face From Premature Surgical Facelift

Saving Your Face From Premature Surgical Facelift

 the realm of skin tightening devices, one company stands head and shoulders above all others and has maintained this lead for over a decade.

 This company, Merz Aesthetics, offers several anti-aging products, but their standout is “Ultherapy,” which is FDA-approved for non-surgical face and neck lifts!

 Ultherapy is one of the best face-saving tools for us because it harnesses the energy of sound to rejuvenate different layers of your skin, not only lifting but also increasing its elasticity and strength. These invisible threads of targeted sound waves can be uncomfortable when placed under your skin; for that reason, I recommend oral medication to alleviate the initial discomfort of the procedure. However, there is no downtime or activity limitation after the procedure is complete.

 Most people start noticing results four months onward. If you are post-menopausal, over 50, or both, you may need to undergo this treatment twice a year!

 If you love the results of a surgical facelift and wish to extend them for more than two to five years, this is your go-to treatment. Because it’s a very technician-dependent procedure, it’s wise to choose someone who has significant training in this field.

 Please check out some before-and-after photos in this email! Remember, spring is the best time to use this machine to slow the rate of your skin sagging. Non-surgical tools are essential for those of us who like to remain proactive in the realm of anti-aging!

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 Dr. Sofia D.

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