Say goodbye to unwanted fat with non surgical treatments

Say goodbye to unwanted fat with non surgical treatments

CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared machine designed to non-surgically rid you of unwanted fat by freezing it. This process destroys the fat cells, which your body then eliminates through your lymphatic system.

The CoolSculpting machine has various applicators of different shapes and sizes, perfect for applying to different body parts. These applicators deliver a targeted freeze for a specific duration, ranging from 35 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

But remember, CoolSculpting is not magic! For best and long-lasting results, this treatment must be combined with healthy food & sleep habits and avoidance of substances that can cause inflammation in your body, especially your fat cells. For instance, I always advise my clients to avoid alcohol and sugary foods/drinks. Also, maintaining proper hydration and sleep cycles is crucial.

Managing your weight throughout your lifespan is an essential part of your overall health and continued anti-aging. I always recommend non-surgical treatments over any other procedure.

Notably, in the realm of non-surgical fat removal treatments, Kybella deserves an honorable mention. Kybella is an injectable medication that acts as a fat melter for targeted pockets of fat that can’t fit under a CoolSculpting machine. Kybella works by destroying fat cells.

However, injections of Kybella can lead to significant swelling and a few days of downtime after the treatment. It is most commonly used under the chin, where it can cause enough swelling to remind you of a bullfrog 


. In contrast, CoolSculpting involves no downtime!

The price for both treatments is similar, and both may need to be repeated depending on your size and desired body goals.

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