Say Yes to the Big

Say Yes to the Big "O"

This is an invitation to join us in exploring deeper information regarding Pelvic and Sexual awareness and find out methods and tools which will link it to the rest of your wellness and overall anti-aging of your body. During this event we will delve deeper into the available methodologies and tools. If you have any questions for any of our experts, please submit your questions after registering for the event. You will find out the list of our guests upon registration. The in-person live event at the Juvanni office will go on for 4 hours however, the zoom will broadcast only for 45 minutes, and the event will be in the form of Q&A. To find out the already submitted questions please contact the office at 914-368-6609 We prefer you to interact with us via text so that we don’t forget to submit your questions.

Register at this link:

One of the guests at our Sexual and Pelvic Awareness event is a representative from Pure Romance. Her catalogue is attached in this email for you to peruse through. If you have any questions or need more information you will be able to ask Judy  ( The Rep from Pure Romance) during our live transmission. You will also be able to make purchases which can be delivered directly to you.