Slim Shots for Him & Her at Juvanni

Slim Shots for Him & Her at Juvanni

"Weight management is an essential component of your anti-aging journey and at Juvanni we have slim shots for both him and her."

 Try a month of Slim Shots with GLP-1 Agonist (Tirzepatide) plus B12 plus liver cleanse (MIC) all for just $235.50 per week this summer. 

 This tiny shot can Kickstart your body’s healing journey into Food Rehabilitation with this exclusive offer!

 Embrace the season with a less inflamed version of yourself with a sugar neutralizer and appetite controller in chief in the form of  Tirzepatide plus plus. 

 This limited-time promotion is your ticket to the future version of yourself that awaits your arrival in health with harmony! 

 As always, I welcome your feedback and questions. You can text or call my team at 914-368-6609.

 Lots of Love,

 Dr. Sofia D.