The Blessings Of Botox

The Blessings Of Botox

There is a Botox blessing that I love to share:

“May the only toxicity your system ever experiences come in the form of a neuromodulator like Botox!”

 In the realm of anti-aging, Botox is one of the fastest methods for reversing the age of your skin. Moreover, the benefits of this reversal also positively impact your brain’s health!

 Just as the rest of your organs age and malfunction over time, your skin experiences the largest impact from time and gravity. But, for the first time in known human history, we have gained access to these FDA-approved medications. They halt the march of time on our skin and psyche and bend it in our favor, especially in our later years, thereby making time only an illusion!

 For this reason, this tiny amount of toxic blessing is the only form of toxicity that you should allow under your skin.

 Lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.