The Gift Of Choice And Agency

The Gift Of Choice And Agency

The person you love the most, deserves nothing but the best ! 

Choice is a gift just as valuable as agency.

In all matters anti-aging, check out the choices we offer for the solutions you seek @Juvanni! 

Sometimes the gift of choice allows you the flexibility to use several options to arrive at an upgraded possibility. A version of you that is still waiting to be unlocked! 

Or perhaps you don’t even need an upgrade because any further upgrade will unharmonize your perfect balance. And therefore flexibility in choice allows you to simply maintain cruise while you hover around your current is-ness of being. 

For this reason and more, I love offerings of a gift card. Gift cards allow you the power of purchase for self and others. The savings are  not an illusion and holiday deals will bring you benefits that will be the perfect “add on” in your preservation of self! 

Anyway here are the deals:

To buy the best gift money can buy, for the person you love the most -  

Holiday Gift cards @ Juvanni 

$1000 gift card for $900

$2500 gift card for $2150

Please call or text 914-368-6609 

To opt out : just say “not for me”

Lots of love,

Dr Sofia D.