The Golden Gift of Anti-aging at Juvanni

The Golden Gift of Anti-aging at Juvanni

This Mother's Day treat your favorite mom like Royalty.

Make her feel like the Queen that she really is. What can be the best gift for her?

I am sure that all she wants is to watch you be happy and successful.

However, it's my suggestion to you to also consider surprising her with the gift of Anti-aging at Juvanni.

By the way, I like to give my mom the "Shower of Gold", which is a nickname I have given to my combination of vitamins and minerals that I like to give intravenously in skin infusions.  For Mother's Day I am also combining a little baby dose of my favorite anti-aging medication called Botox in the gift.

If your mother knows us, we can tell you that she will love it, however if she has never tried anti-aging before, this is the best gift money can buy.

I have two favorite sizes: Grande is for the Grand Queen over the age of 55 and Venti is if she is under 45. The difference lies in the chemical structure and size of the dish.

As always, I send you my love and would be happy to answer any questions. Call or text my office at 914-368-6609


Sofia D. 

P.S. I'm adding a video of my new favorite anti-aging skin infusion called "Shower of Gold@Juvanni".