The Rising

The Rising

Your life is nothing but a bubble that floats on the vast oceans of consciousness. Time allows you to sink in the depths of this vast ocean through experience and bonds you cultivate across your existence.  

How far deep can you go into time, should not be limited by the age of your skin, the bubble you live in.  

Your body is the vessel that supports your consciousness till it disintegrates and becomes part of the dark underground of nothingness which is nothing but a cross section of the top soil of this planet.

This Easter I wish you a blessed and peaceful Sunday for those of you who celebrate.

I would also like to dissect a piece of old news that was just brought to my attention regarding a non-surgical fat reduction machine.  

As you all know, weight management is a very solid pillar in your overall anti-aging protocols!

So below is the old news article, re-hashed by NYT. However, it’s unusual that it’s missing a very important aspect of weight management. I am attaching the link of the news piece in case you would like to read the whole thing.

For those of you who are wondering what this article is now saying about PAH, here is my breakdown. In case you don't know what PAH is. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a rare complication of CoolSculpting that gets its name from the unexpected, paradoxical overgrowth of fat. In other words, PAH mentioned in this news article, is a fancy way of saying: we don’t know how, but some fat cells when frozen, become larger  instead of getting eliminated in more people than we think we accurately measured before.

Now it is not uncommon for people to gain fat and store it abnormally. This tends to happen even after surgical liposuction! However, over the last decade, our understanding of fat cells and their metabolism has gotten much better.

I have used this machine at Juvanni for many years now, but the only directions we like to give to any client who goes on this machine:

1.Closely monitor your sugar intake

2. Absolutely Zero alcohol for as long as they can (preferably forever)!

3. Monthly intravenous infusions of some supplements and minerals to stay hydrated and to bring down cellular inflammation.

Now is Coolsculpting more dangerous than Ozempic or Wegovy? 

Not at all!

Actually, the most concerning side effect of Ozempic or its sister's brand Wegovy is thyroid C cell cancer. Ozempic is the new anti-diabetic drug,  which is being prescribed to people left, right and center and is just another version of phentermine for weight loss except with less severe cardiac side effects.

So, before we launch an attack on a very safe machine widely used to reduce unwanted fat for people (just because some doctors chose to treat people’s body dysmorphia and eating disorders with it) please let’s train our doctors better! 

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Lots of love,

Sofia D.