The Vagina Monologues With Femilift

The Vagina Monologues With Femilift

Do you leak urine when you sneeze? or do you have to disrupt your daily life, just because you can't control your bladder for over 30 minutes? These problems can arise after childbirth, or due to weight increase, or because of hormonal changes such as menopause or andropause. Urine leakage or inability to control your bladder can be inconvenient and embarrassing. But there's good news for women! Now we have a laser that outperforms standard oral medications that hardly work and leave you with a multitude of side effects.

Please checkout FemiLift - this CO2 laser treatment is FDA cleared for optimizing feminine wellness by improving signs and symptoms of pelvic aging. While it might visually remind you of a metallic sex toy, its potential healing effects on your intimate areas are undeniable. If you are curious to see it in action Please check out our full video demonstration on our Facebook page (Link below)!

The Vagina Dialogues with FemiLift

FemiLift is not just a laser treatment but a revolution in women's health across their lifespan and it addresses some routine challenges that we face. Such as:

Urinary Incontinence: Common post-childbirth, or due to significant weight fluctuations.

Painful Intercourse: Especially prevalent during or after menopause.

Vaginal Laxity: Mostly observed after childbirth or menopause.

Vaginal Dryness: A frequent post-menopausal concern.

Why choose FemiLift?

If you're wary of medications but want relief from the "leaky and squeaky" issues, FemiLift stands as the beacon for holistic feminine well-being. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of conditions, restoring comfort and boosting self-assurance.

Can FemiLift and Alma Duo treatments be combined?

Absolutely! "Female sexuality is a complex cascade of hormonal, emotional, and cerebral triggers that align the woman’s body and her mind with her partner." These machines address unique concerns and can be seamlessly combined for enhanced results. They work together to alleviate vaginal dryness and discomfort, guiding you toward a life of increased comfort and improved pleasure in experiencing your sexuality.

As always appreciate your feedback and I'd be happy to answer any anti-aging questions. Please feel free to call or text 914-368-6609


Dr. Sofia Din

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