The World's First Plasma Laser: Opus Plasma

The World's First Plasma Laser: Opus Plasma

Blast from a few years ago: That time when I bought this fabulous machine—a skin laser, the world's first plasma laser—during the dead of the pandemic!

It's a skin polishing laser that I have come to really enjoy using. There are ladies who would rather buy three Birkins and a Rolls Royce, plus several trips to France, but I chose to buy the Opus laser to train in skin polishing and removal of stretch marks on the fabrics of your existence!

Sometimes I wonder if it was worth more than the Birkins I chose not to buy, and years later I ponder about the roads not taken. Yes, it was worth more to me! The rates of return also compound when you accumulate the knowledge of what works better and what won't!

At Juvanni our Opus treatments always work! Our clients tell us that it's the best icing on the thousand-layer dermal cake of their existence.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback and answer any anti-aging skincare questions. Please feel free to text or call me at 914-368-6609


Sofia D.

P.S. Even though Opus Plasma can be done all through the year, but at Juvanni I prefer to do it in the winter months only.