There Is An Error In My Ad

There Is An Error In My Ad

There is an “Umm” in my ad!

 Please let me explain; recently, my marketing team advised me to run Facebook ads to promote Juvanni menopause supplements. I sent my suggestions, and the advertisement was executed. The next day, I looked at my screen to see how it was running, and as I read through it, I encountered the most annoying typo right in between "safe & effective."

 As if I didn’t mean it right!

 So, let me say it again, this time a little more clearly. Juvanni perimenopausal and menopausal skin and hair restoration infusions are safe and effective only if done correctly, and preferably under a doctor's supervision.

 At our office, the supplements introduced into your body are sourced and compounded by licensed pharmacies across the United States with only the freshest and highest quality components! It takes no more than an hour for small doses and two hours for larger doses. If you're concerned about menopausal and peri-menopausal decline (or as I call it, "your descent into oblivion"), please consider taking action to bend time in your favor, first and foremost for yourself, and then for those whom you love most!

 Lots of Love,

 Dr. Sofia D.

 P.S. I hope everybody had a chance to observe the totality of the solar eclipse in and around New York. We will be able to witness this kind of eclipse again after two decades.