There Is No Gym For Your Face

There Is No Gym For Your Face

Let's travel back in time a bit. Remember the days when the only recourse for sagging skin was surgical facelifts? Our mothers and grandmothers often found themselves on the surgeon's table, sometimes multiple times through their extended lifespans. The outcome was that their faces, after multiple surgeries, looked like tightly pulled rag dolls who were  trying too hard to recapture lost youth.

Along came Ultherapy. It presented a compelling alternative to avoid repetitive surgical procedures. But make no mistake — #Ultherapy is not just a fleeting trend. At Juvanni, we've meticulously refined our Ultherapy protocols over the last 10 years, consistently delivering exceptional results year after year.

One question that people ask me is if Ultherapy is better than PDO threads. This is an interesting discussion which I will address in a different email, but in my experience both these treatments are distinctly different. However, for best results it's better to combine them. They should both become routine treatments in your 50s and 60s and I like to recommend them yearly as part of your ongoing anti-aging protocols.

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Dr. Sofia D.