Time after Time Ceases to End!

Time after Time Ceases to End!

If this message doesn’t click, then all I will say to you is "Sorry, Wrong Number".  

Listen, if you think that you will gain any meaningful anti-aging for yourself for a prolonged period of time, without bypassing the gut biome's Great Wall of China level barriers, please allow me to inform you that you will have only yourself to infuriate, when you meet yourself a few decades from today! I will refuse to hear any complaints about "Missed Messages". Because I did not forget to inform you about the importance of minerals and nutrients, which I believe are best served intravenously.  As a believer in clarity, I consider being clear about your long-term health span goals a superpower in the age of information overload.   

For this reason, whenever some of you refuse to acknowledge the importance of anti-aging skin infusions for yourself as not more important than your next fancy bag, I only feel pity. A few years ago, I use to resent the naysayers but as I grew more mature, I have learned to ignore the unaware and I have learned to seek only those who may be seeking this information. In time, those who will not be utilizing some of these anti-aging tools and protocols that are being discovered in the last 10 years will smell the stupidity of their own choices.  

I see people daily who chose to keep all their savings in an imaginary Wall Street plan instead of spending on their own health and wellness on a daily basis. I always say this to my friends and family that their 401k will not be able to buy back their time nor their health. That 401k may be spent in paying back people in taking care of their body once they start getting sick, however it does not protect them from disease. Only proactive participation in anti-aging treatments can help your body stay healthy throughout your life span. In other words, your Roth IRA which will not be able to buy you back time to heal the sins you committed against your own body in the form of food, emotion, or alcoholic beverages!   

This is my journey to examine your body’s clock by re-examining your passage through Time, after a certain period has come to an end. Spring is a season of renewal and casts a ray of hope after the dark winter. Spring gives us not only a chance to heal our wounds created by severe weather outside of us but also those that are self-inflicted. These injuries could be subtle however their impacts can be long lasting. 

Please Note: I prefer that you get your bloodwork checked, for this infusion to be even more precisely special. Please make it a point to meet your primary doctor to get bloodwork information. Please feel free to let my staff know if you have any trouble getting this done efficiently, because I don’t want you to miss out on this season. My staff will be happy to guide you through the maze of your health care insurance barriers.   

This spring, I recommend two infusions six weeks apart. It’s the time of growth and I want our skin and hair to get their full supply of nourishment. Remember just like the rest of the flora and fauna, human skin also grows the most during spring time.   

This is also the time that I recommend skin tightening. Especially if you nip the chronic skin failure or growth in the bud during spring, you get the best skin tightening and non-surgical facelift results with one of my favorite anti-aging machines a.k.a. Ultherapy.   

There is also another side benefit to getting skin tightening done during spring: it saves you money.  Let me explain how. If you are like the rest of us (normal humans), treading on a tight budget while aging (by aging I mean over 45) and simultaneously saving money for your kid’s college and are unable to buy yourself extra skin tightening treatments for yourself each year, you must pick the spring season to halt time. 

In my opinion, it’s entirely okay to be a work of art under restorative refurbishment throughout the later decades of your lifespan. Humans are nothing but a bag of skin, holding our consciousness together as gravity rolls through our system to bind us to this planet which is also like a big rotating ball that carries our heaven on a roller coaster ride through space. 

Remember, your skin is the most expensive fabric you will ever own. It’s the real estate you will live inside until you can’t! Its expiration used to be usually set in stone for your ancestors but it can now be extended. (Just like your car, your body also can get an extended warranty; it costs a bit extra). Ok I will stop me-self from extending this email any longer! 

Lots of love for reading this far, please save and re-read when ready.   

Hasta la vista!  

Sofia D.    

P.S. As always, if you have any questions, please call or text 914-368-6609