Treating your Erectile Dysfunction or Urinary Incontinence

Treating your Erectile Dysfunction or Urinary Incontinence

If you leak urine when you sneeze, maybe it’s time to find out more about pelvic rejuvenation protocols at Juvanni.

 Over the last seven years, two very important anti-aging technologies have been cleared by the FDA in the US to assist with urinary incontinence, decreased libido, vaginal laxity, and erectile dysfunction!

 Juvanni has both of these technologies: Femilift (a CO2 laser) and Alma Duo (a shock wave device).

 Femilift is used only for females, and Alma Duo is approved for both men and women!

 A frequently asked question is: Can they be done together?

 My simple answer is, yes:

 1. Urinary Incontinence– which can happen after childbirth, or rapid weight loss or gain. If this is your predominant symptom, please try Femilift first! You need a set of three once-a-month treatments; clients report immense improvement after the first!

 2. Vaginal Laxity – this can happen at any point in your life, but mostly after childbirth or menopause. I recommend Femilift first for laxity!

 3. Vaginal Dryness – can occur during and after perimenopause and menopause. For this, too, I will recommend Femilift first!

 4. Decreased Libido – post-menopause, I recommend Alma Duo series for improving clitoral blood flow! Usually, 6 treatments are recommended with as-needed touch-ups.

 5. Erectile Dysfunction – Alma Duo for angiogenesis and improving blood flow to penile tissue! A series of 6 treatments every year!

 Please note that these are still not covered by your health insurance and remain out-of-pocket expenses. However, we do offer financing for qualified candidates!

Please also note that for these laser treatments, we’ll require gynecologist and urology clearances!

 To find out if these treatments are suitable for you, please book a complimentary consultation by calling or texting my team at 914-368-6609.

 With lots of love,

 Dr. Sofia D.