Understanding The Life Cycle of Your Fat cells

Understanding The Life Cycle of Your Fat cells

Let me explain: fat cells, aka adipocytes, only shrink and expand for over a decade before dying and are very quickly replaced by your body. If you consume unhealthy food or go through too much oxidative stress in life, your body produces even more fat cells each year, compounding their lifelong presence and clogging your system! 

 Fat cells also tend to act like squatter cells, preferring to accumulate in softer parts of your body, especially under areas where your skin hangs loose, creating pockets of unwanted and unhealthy fat. These pockets of fat can interfere with your physical function and appearance! Fat cells need to be regularly eliminated from parts of your body when they start distorting your perception of self or when their presence can cause harm to your overall wellbeing, such as the walls of your blood vessels.

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 Dr. Sofia D.