Using AI (Chat GPT) At Work Has Become Easier

Using AI (Chat GPT) At Work Has Become Easier

Who wrote it better? Me or chatgpt! 

 The following text was written by me and then I passed it through ChatGPT’s artificial super intelligence for proofreading! 

 Can you tell the difference? 

 Which one do you like better?

 Here's what I wrote:

When god gave us light, we were born! This light is carried into this world for a reason as you grow! The vehicle that carries your light in this planet is your body! 

 And yes it’s also a car or a plane or a rocket because someone figured out how to go from one place to another faster. 

But light can travel much faster than your car and that’s why harnessing your innermost deepest light is the core of space travel &  beyond ! 

 Before I get distracted , let me come back to the point I was making. 

The light that god gave you needs to be held in your body , and requires protection and nurturing ! 

In the world’s richest societies, the govt  provides you with health insurance that allows you access to keep your light so you can live longer. 

 However it’s mostly a sick care system! 

 To experience and protect your mind body complex, for a longer life span , it needs proactive care: pretty much like the care you give to your favorite car or house. 

 Best wishes for a 2024 

This is Chat GPT's Version:

When God bestowed upon us the gift of light, we were born. This light, as we grow, is carried into the world with a purpose. Our bodies are the vessels that hold this light on this planet.

 Indeed, vehicles like cars, planes, or rockets are also carriers, crafted by those who mastered the art of moving from one place to another swiftly. Yet, light travels far faster than any car, underscoring the significance of harnessing our innermost, profound light for the realms of space travel and beyond.

 Now, returning to my initial point before I get sidetracked. The light given to us by God needs to be cherished and safeguarded within our bodies.

 In the wealthiest societies, governments provide health insurance, enabling us to maintain our light for a longer life. But often, this system focuses more on treating illness rather than preventing it. To truly nurture and protect your mind-body complex for an extended lifespan, proactive care is essential - akin to the attention you give to your beloved car or home.

 Wishing everyone the best in 2024.

 Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D