While Calculating Your Botox Dose, Less is More

While Calculating Your Botox Dose, Less is More

When considering your routine Botox treatment, one of the most important aspects to ponder is the maintenance dosage. I enjoy advising all my clients to embrace the idea of using smaller doses of Botox. But before a hint of concern creases your brow, rest assured there's a rationale behind this suggestion: similar to how your body develops a tolerance to medications such as antibiotics, it can also build up a tolerance to Botox.

Choosing lower doses not only safeguards you from appearing frozen or lacking expression, but it also shields you from developing a tolerance to this incredibly vital anti-aging medication. From my experience, Baby Botox doses are enough to relax the routine hardening of your facial muscles which causes your expression lines to get etched in the fabric of your reality (a.k.a. your skin)! 

As always, I welcome your feedback and I am more than willing to address any of your anti-aging inquiries. 


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Sofia D.

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