Your body is a tale of two faces

Your body is a tale of two faces

Let me explain:

 First of all, contrary to popular medical opinion, the human body has two faces and several other facets. One of your faces is located on top of your shoulders, constantly exposed to elements, and helps you and others identify you. I like to call it your public face.

Your body also has another face, which is located deep within your pelvis. I like to call it your private face, which you share (hopefully) only with your spirit people.

 As your body goes through the gravity, hormonal ebbs, and flows of time and experience, both of your faces evolve and change.

 At Juvanni, our anti-aging protocols aim to cover the wellness and continued health of both your faces.

 It's been our experience that the human body needs a lift as it experiences the important pauses in life. For women, that pause is called menopause, and for men, it is called andropause.

 These pauses in our lives can be debilitating in themselves, but they come with the side order of suffering in the form of sags and drags, which are fortunately treatable nowadays with our FDA-approved medications and machines. At Juvanni, I curate your flow into menopause as non-surgically and minimally invasively as possible. Pain is compulsory and part of life’s journey, but suffering is an option that I personally prefer to skip!

 The Alma Duo + Ultherapy treatment combination will help you treat the sag and drag of both your faces. This anti-aging treatment combination is recommended to assist you in managing your menopause and andropause symptoms proactively. At Juvanni, we recommend this combination package every 6 months if you are 55 years or older. Package prices are available upon request, and before you faint after hearing the cost (don’t worry, it’s not more than a Birkin!).

 Please know that we have financing available for qualified clients.

 If you have any questions, I invite you to connect with my team at 914-368-6609

  Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D.