Your Body Is The Real Home That You Reside In

Your Body Is The Real Home That You Reside In

Your body is the only home you really keep! 

For some, their body is their shrine; for others, it’s an archaeological treasure, and for some, it’s a brothel that’s also a busy latrine. 

The spaces where your body lives in are the external structures that house your consciousness!

I house my body at home and at work on most days of my life! 

I love both of these spots to no end!

But sometimes, I come out of my comfort zones to experience life beyond home and work. And those moments bring me countless memories and experiences! 

As the merry season of skin resurrection peaks, here are some things I suggest for your body; today I will share my list and lemme know if you think I should add something more to it! 

First and foremost on my list is skin ; simply because it is the most important fabric of our existence! 

As we go through time and gravity, our skin begins to lose its shape and essence. This has to be restored. 

So I love to:

  1. Tighten and Lift
  2. Inject Toxin
  3. RFMN
  4. Do a Skin infusion. Or two or three.
  5. Collect my Favorite Skincare emollients
  6. Do my Laser for rosacea.

I hope my list helps you make yours! 

Merry Xmas and happy holidays!

Lots of love,

Dr. Sofia D.