Your Skin Cells and Your Brain Cells Mirror Each other Throughout Your Life

Your Skin Cells and Your Brain Cells Mirror Each other Throughout Your Life

Just like all of your internal organs, your skin also reaches maturity before starting to decline due to time and gravity. As your skin ages, it loses its elasticity and sags, dragging your psyche down with it.

 There’s a reason behind this:

 Your skin and your brain originate from the same layer of cells when you are a tiny embryo.

 This outermost layer is called the neuroectoderm. In other words, your skin cells and brain cells are soulmates that have mirrored each other since your birth. 

 Research has found that, just like the rest of your organs, all your skin cells are also represented in your brain. This leads me to wonder: when our skin cells die or are surgically removed, do the corresponding brain cells also atrophy and wither away? This could become a topic of future research, sparking debates in human psychology and dermatology.

 In the meantime, we have discovered several methods to slow down, and sometimes even halt, the decline of your skin health. Most of the steps we need to take are free of cost and within our own control. But over the past two decades, we have also gained access to FDA-approved medications and technologies, allowing us to have more control over the rate at which our body’s largest organ deteriorates.

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 Dr. Sofia D.